The little brother of FUGINATOR Professional. To put a smile on your face.

No more anger due to dirty cracks and cleavages. The small FUGINATÖRCHEN cleans even the tiniest spots and cracks. In the office, your garage or household.


Thanks to the long bristels FUGINATÖRCHEN gets into all kinds of cracks, cleavages, gaps to take off dirt. The optimized handle guarantees that the little brush fits into corners. The bristles are tender and therefore FUGINATÖRCHEN is also apt for taking off dust from surfaces.


  • Small and handy
  • tender, long bristles, to clean surfaces without scratching
  • small positioning of bristles, to reach into the tiniest gaps
  • apt for right and left handers
  • no sharp edges
  • easy to find thanks to signal color orange


The handle of FUGINATÖRCHEN is made of Polypropylene. The bristles are Nylon. The handle is robust, the bristles are tender. Completely manufactured in Germany.


  • light and stable
  • floats above water
  • distortion-free (you can clean FUGINATÖRCHEN hygienically in hot water)
  • resistant against lye and acid
  • you can sterilize it


Patented in Europe, registration pending in USA. All parts of FUGINATÖRCHEN are produced in Germany.


The smaller the gap the bigger the anger! All kinds of dirt in keyboard, shaver, precision tools. Often these appliances need to be dismantled. Usual brushes cannot reach and take off the hidden dirt. The small FUGINATÖRCHEN with its long bristles gets into the tiniest gap and can take off dust from surfaces.


Tiny gaps, cleavages, cranks: areas where a brush or finger do not help.

Office: Keyboard, printer, telephone, display: they all have small gaps that attract dust and dirt due to electrostatics.

Workshop and Factory: Think of precision engineering, crafts, dental labs or your hobby garage: only clean tools make sure that your gadgets and tools work safely, reliably and quiet.

Electronics at home: Bei it a turntable, displays or remote controls: dust and dirt do harm to looks and functions of appliances.

Car: Cleavages and gaps everywhere, in professional or private automobiles. Clean your seats´ cleavages, door and window gaps.

Kitchen: Crumbles everywhere, dust in joints. Clean where the cleaning rag does not reach!

Bath:Faucets are subject to dust and dirt due to soap and small hairs. FUGINATÖRCHEN reaches into hard-to- clean spots and maintains the looks and value of your bath. Also appliances like shaver, epilator, hairdryer ask for timely cleaning.

Furniture and any home gadget: Frames, instruments, windows, wardrobes, lamps etc.: they all deserve a thorough treatment from time to time!

Clever FUGINATÖRCHEN is the cleaning appliance that will save your nerves and your values´ looks!