When cleaning grout in company rooms, in food processing areas or any location that requires professional cleaning according to the HACCP standard the Grout Brush FUGINATOR is the first choice. The result is clean and hygienic joints. Production machinery, joints between tiles and areas that a usual Brush cannot clean, get hygienic and truly clean. Thanks to Grout Brush FUGINATOR MASTER


One year of development to achieve the perfect design for Grout Brush FUGINATOR MASTER .The handle and the bristles have been optimized for an easy, quick and thorough cleaning of joints. Thanks to the ergonomic shape the user directly enforces his power onto the joint. Even in cases of daily cleaning the cleaning staff does not get tired. You actually feel how comfortable it is to take off dirt from joints, cracks, grooves.


Ergonomic shape, for ideal power transfer and fatigue-free cleaning

  • No loss of power. The Brush acts directly inside the joint
  • Apt for right and left handers
  • Handle without sharp edges
  • HACCP Standard: white grip and four-color- system for bristles
  • Bristles at the short side: to reach and clean hard-to- reach areas, such as skirtings


The handle of Brush FUGINATOR MASTER is made of Polypropylene. Completely manufactured in Germany.


  • Light and robust
  • Floats above water
  • Does not warp (you can clean the Brush with hot water)
  • Resistant to lye and acid
  • You can sterilize it


The Grout Brush FUGINATOR MASTER has been designed and developed and is manufactured in Germany. Registered trade mark in EC (registration in USA pending). A well- thought-through product to clean joints.


The reason why joints become dirty is the cleaning process of surfaces surrounding joints. When cleaning the floor, dirt hides in the joints. A typical Brush only cleans the floor´s surface but not the joint. This way the joint degenerates to a nest for dust, dirt and bacteria. With the patented Grout Brush FUGINATOR MASTER it is easy to clean joints. Thanks to the simple application any user can immediately see the results of his cleaning.

Not only joints at wall and floor tiles become hygienically clean thanks to FUGINATOR MASTER. Also machinery, sites of production in food processing industries, bakeries, butchers, kitchens, hotels and catering benefit from the patented Grout Brush FUGINATOR MASTER. No matter the shape of a crack, gap or joint (mineral cement joints as well as permanently flexible joints made of silicone) and transition areas will get clean, according to the European HACCP Standard.

In conjunction with joint cleaner FUGIREIN the Grout Brush FUGINATOR comes to full effect. Important: you clean most efficiently when you use the adequate tools and give cleaner FUGIREIN some time to work itself on the dirt.


Corners, gaps, cracks, cleavages: Anywhere you cannot rely on a classical brush is the playing field for Grout Brush FUGINATOR MASTER.

Bath and Toilet in Catering and Hotels: Clean your shower´s and bath tub´s sliding or folding doors, seals and faucets with FUGINATOR MASTER. Mineral, cement and permanently elastic joints will keep their looks and value.

Professional kitchens and areas of Food Production: Sinks, joints at a working station, seals of a fridge, machinery or production facilities, they all are breeding grounds for bacteria, mold and dirt. Now you can maintain all joints neatly clean, with FUGINATOR.


All four colors represent the same degree of stiffness. The coloring of Grout Brush FUGINATOR MASTER allows you to clean according to HACCP Standard from the professional Cleaning Industry. Each color stands for one sole area of use. You easily avoid cross contamination.

Red: Cleaning of Toilets, urinals and tiles and joints next to them.

Yellow: Cleaning of Sanitary facilities, such as sinks, tiles, racks, faucets, shower or bathtub.

Green: Cleaning of Kitchen, sinks, joints.

Blue: Grout Brush for Universal use on floors, racks, machinery, etc.